Ceramic bowls with an effective glaze / menthol-brick

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Ceramic bowls turned on a potter's wheel with effective glazing. Author's work from the Ema&Julie workshop. The content of each bowl is approx. 250 ml and the diameter of the upper edge is 13 - 14 cm, height 5 cm.

The products are handmade and garment dyed, small differences in shape, size or color compared to the photos should therefore be considered the specifics of craftsmanship.

Wash as needed at a maximum of 60°C, for a long life of the colors we recommend gentle washing powders without phosphates. In case of pollution, bile soap can be used safely and effectively. The dryer breathes beautifully, it is ideal to dry approximately halfway through the program and then just carefully hang it on a line or dryer. It is ideal to smooth out all folds and unevenness - then you will not have to iron it.