Vendula & Ondřej Volkmer

We love linen

We are fascinated by this noble material, which has an inimitable liveliness and energy. In the age of an abundance of synthetic and mixed fabrics, it represents a safe haven, tradition and honesty for us. No other material can give your home such a relaxed yet luxurious look, and no other material can replace its excellent properties, such as moisture absorption, durability and skin-friendliness. With repeated washing, the linen fabric is refined and one could say that it ages like wine.

Our products have been purely Czech since 2013

100% linen fabric of the highest quality, woven in a Czech weaving mill, the last of its kind in our country. Quality originating in the Czech Republic is appreciated by customers all over the world. Weaving and growing flax have a rich tradition in our country, which unfortunately almost disappeared in the last decade. Our products are sewn by Czech seamstresses who have extensive experience in sewing linen materials. The mother-of-pearl buttons and all signs are also Czech-made.

Each of our pieces is unique

The Vydra&Volkmer home textile collection will dress your home in unconventionally luxurious linen fabrics. The basis is the match of the yardage, whose quality evokes a soft and soothing embrace. The collections are dyed in a sophisticated way, which gives each product a unique, personal style. Our color scales reveal only unusual shades that create unique and balanced color harmonies.

We love colors

Colors are essential for us, we choose them carefully and nothing gives us more joy than seeing their final effect in the interior. We deliberately choose unusual and distinctive shades that give our products a traditional-modern look.