our studio

It's been ten years since we decided to work with linen, a perfect material with an inimitable casual look with properties that everyone knows well today and which rank it among total "hearts".

From the very beginning, we had a clear vision - a purely Czech product, as honestly crafted and artistically processed as possible. We have put together a great team of collaborative masters of their craft, which has established itself over ten years. Working relationships became friendly relationships and the entire sophisticated production, which includes material weaving, cutting, sewing and finally the very demanding clothing dyeing, developed to the top. Everything created in Bohemia and Moravia, from the weaving of the fabric to the last mother-of-pearl button.

From the creation of relatively large collections of home textiles, through smaller permanent clothing collections, we have moved in the last year to the purely original production of solitary pieces, which we only offer in two or three original versions. The production process remains the same, the volume is only a fraction of our previous production.

We thus become a small studio, where designer porcelain and the technique of manual machine knitting are mixed with linen. We devote our maximum personal care to every single piece, each one is a "polished" unique item with a special charm.

For our joy and yours, for the days we want to live with respect for craftsmanship, nature, and people. That's the only way it makes sense. Welcome to us...

Vendula & Ondřej Volkmer